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Sculpture Gallery

Girl From the Other Side

This is a sculpt based on the manga 'The Girl From the Other Side' by Nagabe. I don't read a ton of manga, but this one grabbed my attention when waling through a book store one day. Great art and story. 

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic paint, mixed media

Four Horseman: Pestilence

This my second horseman bust. I wanted a twisted, crippled pose for this guy. I Used a lot of reference photos of leprosy, arthritis, and bubonic plague. Ugh. I skipped lunch that day. 

Materials: Sculpey

Four Horseman: Famine

 This guy started as a much larger full size sculpt, but it just didn't look right. I decided to cut it down and just do a bust. I wanted it to make it pretty graphic with the human intestines and stomach draped over him. I went against the traditional thinking o famine being represented by a skinny character. I thought it would be more disturbing if it was a creature that literally consumed everything in sight.

Materials: Sculpey

Wizard and the Snake

 Here's another mini sculpt based on a Mike Mignola's art. Based on the statue at the end of the story (and appears again in Hellboy in Hell).

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic paints

Amazing Screw-On Head

This sculpt is based on the great story and art by Mike Mignola. I love Mignola's art, so I did my best to match his style in my sculpt and paint job. This is one of the smallest sculpts I've done. I had a ton of fun making this one. 

Materials: Sculpey, mixed media, acrylic and airbrush paints

Absence & Abundance

I had this weird idea for these guys in my head or a while. Not sure where the idea came from. It's a bit more abstract compared to my usual work.

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic and airbrush paints

Frankenstein's Monster

I've had a long time Frankenstein obsession and decided to do my own take on the monster. I wanted to keep the design and anatomy as realistic as possible. He has slightly oversized hands since they are the hands of another person. I wanted to capture his expression of horror as he sees himself in the mirror for the first time. 

Materials: Sculpey, wire, acrylic and airbrush paints

Weeping in the Brambles

This sculpt is based on the painting of the same name, by artist Chet Zar. Not only is Chet a great painter, but he's also an amazing sculptor. My paint job probably doesn't match his original vision closely enough, but I stumbled upon a color combination I liked and stuck with it.

Materials: Air dry clay, acrylic paints

Brom's Helexa

This sculpt is based on the painting, 'Helexa', by the artisit Brom. Brom is probably my favorite artist of all time. His book Darkwerks was the first in an ever-growing collection of art books that I have. I had to take a few artistic liberties of course, but tried my best to stick to his original design.

Materials: Sculpey

Hulk: Gray

This was the first thing I ever wanted to sculpt. The design is based off the drawing by Tim Sale. I love his drawing style and love this comic series. I tried to keep it as close to the original art as possible, and decided to paint it up comic book style. It's also the first time I used air dry clay for a figure and not a portrait.

Materials: Air dry clay, acrylic and airbrush paints

The Stalk

 Yet another character from the comic book series SAGA. I was looking forward to sculpting this one, but it presented a lot of unique problems along the way. I am sick of sculpting hands now.

Materials: Monster Clay, resin, acrylic and airbrush paints (watered down)


I love Mike Mignola's drawing style, so I tried my best to emulate that into my sculpt. I sculpted this for myself, to use as a bookend to all of my Hellboy comics. I ended up making him much larger than intended. He's about life size. 

Materials: Air dry clay, acrylic and airbrush paints (watered down)


Izabel is the third character I've sculpted from the comic book series SAGA. This one was fun, but the pose was a bit challenging. I wanted to use magnets to make her levitate above the base, but getting the balance right would have been near impossible. Plus the dangers of falling and breaking!

Materials: Monster clay, resin, acrylic and airbrush paints

The Will

The Will is a character from the great comic book series SAGA (which you need to be reading!). After doing so many creature sculpts, it took me a little time to get back into the groove of doing a human character. The color scheme is based on his look from the cover of issue 4. He pretty much only looks this way on the cover, but I dig it.

Materials: Monster clay, resin, acrylic and airbrush paints


The main character from the 1988 Japanese animated film 'My Neighbor Totoro'. I sculpted this for my wife for our anniversary. 

Materials: Air dry clay, sculpey, wire, acrylic paints

That Thing in the Corner

I wanted to try something a little different and do a diorama. It was fun to incorporate other materials in with clay to create the scene. The inspiration for this one all started with the lyric, "That's me in the corner..." from R.E.M.'s song 'Losing my Religion'. Odd how that led to all of this.

Materials: Sculpey, wood, plastic sheeting, fabrics/cotton, faux fur, colored pencils, spray paint, acrylic paint 


This is a character I created for (Clay Wars): the first annual Monster Clay Sculpting Competition. It is sponsored by Stan Winston School of Character Arts, American Fine Arts, and The Monster Makers. It is an original design concept of a Star Wars character, but he could totally fit into my fantasy series as well.


Materials: Monster Clay

Lying Cat-Mini

So I ended up selling up selling my original Lying Cat and the client asked for another one in a much smaller scale. This one is about half the size of the first one. It stands 3" tall. He also wanted a box to transport him in. I found a box at a hobby store and just lined it with faux fur. 


Materials: Sculpey, Acrylic paints


I like doing things in three's. It just looks good. So here's the third member of my fish gang. In movies, it seems like there's always one member of the gang that is mouthy and always sneeks his way out of every tough situation. That's how I picture this guy.


Materials: Monster Clay

Black Moorey

Another bust to go along with Mangler. I wanted to keep with the same style so it feels like they are from the same world.


Materials: Monster Clay


Here's my first attempt at a 1/4 scale creature bust. Creature busts are incredibly popular in the garage kit community. I see why so many artists do them. It's a quick way to knock out some ideas. 


Materials: Monster Clay

Ex Incubo Daemonio

I went about this piece a little different than usual. I sculpted the form of the body and let it completely harden for a few days. Then I went in with a Dremel tool and engraved all of the swirls and lines freehand. I could have just sculpted the lines when the clay was still wet, but doing it after it dried gives it the look of stone. 


Materials: Air dry clay, painted with acrylic and enamel paints

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall is a professional strongman and the current world record holder in the deadlift. He has won Britain's Strongest Man 3 times so far, and finished 4th in the World's Strongest Man in 2015. I created this portrait for the Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Contest. Unfortunately, I did not get selected as a finalist, but I am happy with how the portrait turned out. 


Materials: Air dry clay, painted with acrylics

Cry of the Fallen

My attempt at something a little more in the "fine art" realm. Lots of experimentaion with new materials and ideas. More like this to come for sure.


Materials: Air dry clay, plaster, spray paint, acrylic paint, gold leaf

Ogrim the Wretch

Here's another character for my fantasy series. This one came together a bit easier than the others. I'd love to do an uncloaked variation of this guy one day.


Materials: Monster clay

Elemental Horse: Fire

This is the first in a series of horses based on the elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water). Each horse will have a different body type and characteristics to match it's element. 


Materials: Plastalina clay

"I wanna' see you smile!"

I took an old German Jack in the box and completely customized it. I had so much fun with this that I plan to do two more! This is my "happy" version. The idea is that the clown has been cursed to live in this box forever to entertain 

children. After ages of being in the box, a little help was needed to keep a smile on his face. Hence, the hooks pulling his mouth into a perfect smile! Click here for details on how I created this piece.


Materials: Sculpey, fabric, wood box and body, thin sheet steel, various hooks, chains, and studs.



Witch of the Wood

This is an original design of mine. It's one of many characters I have planned to create for a fantasy series. I sculpted this one in several separate pieces with the intention of casting resin kits. 


Materials: Monster Clay, ball bearings (eyes)

Malekith the Accursed

I'm a big Thor fan, and a big Randy Bowen fan. Randy Bowen has a comic book statue company called Bowen Designs. Since he has yet to produce a Malekith, I decided to make my own. I tried my best to emulate Randy's style for this piece. He fits right in with my Bowen Thor collection.


Materials: Super Sculpey, plaster, painted with acrylics and airbrush paints

Lying Cat

I sculpted this out of love for one of the best comic book series going today...hell, of all time! If you haven't read SAGA yet, go read it right after you check out the rest of these pics!


Materials: Super Sculpey, painted with acrylic and airbrush paints

Thomas C. Welch-Child

Here is another portrait based on my late father. This was my first attempt at capturing someone's portrait, though I completed his adult portrait first. I owe thanks to the great books by Philippe Faraut. He is a master of portraiture.


For this piece, all I had for reference was one picture. I've never seen another picture of him at this age. 


Materials: Water-based clay, Sculpey, wire, Birch wood base, acrylic paint

Thomas C. Welch-Adult

My father passed away recently and I decided I would try sculpting his portrait at three different stages of his life. This is the first one I've completed. Sadly, I never had the chance to actually see my dad like this. Look for more to come on this project. 


Materials: Water-based clay, Birch wood base,  acrylic paint

Demon Sorcerer

Another original design for my fantasy series. He is a direct enemy of the Witch of the Wood. 


Materials: Monster Clay


Sculpture #2. Again, this one became more than originally intended as I went along. I had fun playing with all the details. Of course, there were a few breakages along the way, too.


Materials: Sculpey, plaster, painted with acrylics

The Thing


Here's my first attempt at sculpting. I had intended to do a roughly 1/6 scale mini-bust just to get my feet wet. Well, as I got deeper into the project, I decided to go ahead and make him a full figure. Looking back, I see all the flaws and a lot of things I would do different, but I still love it.


Materials: Sculpey, wood base, painted with acrylics

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